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Name: Sparks Fox
Species: Shape-shifting Fox, or "Kitsune" if you will. :p
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115Lbs.
Tail Length: 5' (big tail, never fail!)
Gender: Trans (MtF)/Non-Binary
Sexuality: Demisexual/Gray-Asexual, Taken.
Genitalia Type: Canidae.
Penis Length: 5.65"
Accessories: Collar in Black with "In The Groove Metal "12th note" Noteskin Up Arrow" charm (not optional), Glasses (rarely optional).
Eye Type: Vulpine. (Cat-like)

SL Avatar used for visual reference has only a few inconsistencies, those being:
Collar is supposed to be Black, images were taken before retexturing (See Erratum).

Fur/skin colours without shading are:
White is (#f0e6eb).
Lighter Red fur (#8e0107) for torso red fur, Darker Red (#6b0010) for "stockings/socks" fur pattern and tail.
Tail has a purple (#600080) stripe right before the White tip.
Flesh Colour (Maw, Nipples, Anus, Penis, Vagina) is (#c29cde) and Paw Pads and Nose are (#090909), claws are (#2a1d16).
Hair Colour is (#26111f)
The eyes have a gradient for the Irises, they're heterochromia so they're different colours. (of course :p)
Left eye has (from inner to outer Iris) #088ded-#57c6f6
Right eye has (again, inner to outer) #a104f0-#db6dfd
Standalone Palette


Collar now looks like this after retexture!